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For a child to have high levels of educational achievement, a high level of school attendance is essential. We are committed to providing an education of the highest quality for all our pupils/ students and endeavour to provide an environment where all pupils feel valued and welcome. Parents and pupils play a part in making our school so successful. Every child has a right to access the education to which he/she is entitled. Parents and teachers share the responsibility for supporting and promoting excellent school attendance and punctuality for all. It is our duty to consistently strive to achieve a goal of 100% attendance for all children. Every opportunity will be used to convey to pupils and their parents or carers the importance of regular and punctual attendance.




What does absence equate to in terms of pupils and their learning?


  • 99.5% attendance = a pupil has 1 day off per whole school year
  • 97.0% attendance = a pupil has 6 days off per whole school year
  • 94.7% attendance = a pupil has 2 weeks off per whole school year
  • 90% attendance = a pupil is classed as a Persistent Absentee and will lose 4 whole weeks of school
  • 85% attendance = a pupil will lose nearly 6 weeks of school time, which equates to a whole half term


The school day


The School door opens at 8:45am.


Children must be in class and ready to start lessons by 8:50am. After this time, all children must enter via the office and be signed in by a parent or carer.


The first lessons of the day are numeracy and phonics, as this is when the children learn best.


Children arriving after 9:20am will be marked as un-authorised absence for the whole morning session.


All children are expected to attend school EVERYDAY throughout the academic year.


Attendance figures


Week Foxes Hedgehogs Squirrels Rabbits Badgers Owls
02/11/2020 97.2% 95.3% 97.3% 97.3% 95.2% 97.2%


Whole school Attendance to date
96.6% 97.2%


Termly Attendance Awards

At the end of each term, we reward every child with attendance over 97% with a certificate and they also have their name on our attendance board in reception. The badges are awarded with percentages as follows:-


Bronze = 97% - 98.4%

Silver = 98.5% - 99.9%

Gold = 100%


Our Gold award winners for Autumn Term 2019/2020 are:-

Gold Award 100%


Year R


Reuben         Tristan            Harrison

Dominic         Peaches        Poppy

Alexandra      Siyana           Evelyn

Corey             Melissa


Year 1

Omid               Dana              Mason

Amara            Elise               Japman

Megan            Yasmin          Isla

Miles               Akash             Paulina


Year 2


Lavin              Jason             Isla

Maryam          Grace             Lucy

Riya                Malachi          Ava

Anna              Abigail H        Alanna

Yara                Danielle

Jakub             Ellie

Ashley            Isabelle

Lucas             Louie


Best class attendance